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Mikey the Pony

Meet Mikey

Hunter 2’6 – 2’9
Jumpers .70-.80m
Large Ponies 13.3.-14.1
Born 2012
Sex gelding
Welsh sport horse
Sire: Eskdale Splendid Venture
Dam: Strinezdale Serenata
Name: Final Touch – Lambay Resolution
USEF # 5392936


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Whether it be the thrill of competition, the joy of building an unbreakable connection, or the pursuit of equestrian excellence, Mikey promises an extraordinary partnership.

If you’re a young rider seeking to work with a horse that embodies the spirit of a champion, look no further than Mikey. Together, you can create your own legacy, forging an unbreakable bond that takes you to extraordinary heights in the captivating world of equestrian excellence.

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